This is a mock-up of an actual editing screen.

Hi , Welcome to our tour!!

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We put in two footers so you can add other information such as copyright notices.

This is another footer area

  1. Don't be stale and boring

    Now it's easy to stand out. Be bold. Add fresh content to get people to re-visit your website.

  2. First, drag the 'EasyBit' onto the page.

    Then you can add content and move it around.

  3. The 'EasyBit' opens to this.

    We call it a DRW - - Draggable Resizable Window - - you can DRAG it anywhere, and RESIZE it to fit your content.

  4. Add content and move it where you want it. Resize it.

    Click the buttons and create a photo gallery or pull in a video, or add text.


    Drag photos from fickr or facebook into the DRW. Photos are laid out automatically and look great no matter what screen size.


    Paste in your video's link. It will fit nicely and maintain its aspect ratio at all screen sizes.

  7. TEXT

    Use a full-function editor to add and edit text.


    Hollerpage has a feature that fits your title to the header, called 'WordFit', so you don't need to keep messing with different font sizes. It's automatic.

  9. restart tour

  10. Stop #5

    Now what are you waiting for? Add this to your projects and get the most out of your apps!